Yet another car-dock for the iPod

Everyone knows I’m a big fan of the ICE:Link by Dension… I had one in my TT, and it worked pretty well. Integration was good, almost seamless, it charged, and it looked pretty nice. Monster Audio had its own version, and really, unless you were extra-super-ghetto and just connected AUX cables into the inputs on the back of your head unit, that was pretty much it.
Now there’s a new player on the block. Integrated Mobile Electronics is promising to be the next generation of car audio docks for a variety of mp3 players (not just the iPod). The implementation looks slick enough – but it’s not on the market yet, so we have yet to see what the real-world performance is going to be. Check it out, at least it looks superfly.
Wanna keep that iPod dry? Even underwater? Yeah, don’t we all (especially if you drive a Jeep, right?) Well, check out the Drypod case. Apparently it’s waterproof. Like, really waterproof. Not just mostly waterproof (like other cases we’ve tried…)

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