What’s a little E.coli in your diet?

Apparently the knotheads at the USDA aren’t worried about E.coli.  In fact, it seems like the USDA is totally okay with a little E.coli in our meat.  Amazing?  Yes.  Unexpected?  I suppose not. 

The U.S. government is notoriously forgiving when it comes to health concerns, particularly in the face of consumer demand.  It really is all about the almighty dollar, and no amount of sick citizens is going to stop them.  Now, it’s true that the USDA isn’t completely ruthless – they are requiring that if meat test positive for E.coli, it should have a sticker that says “Cook only” (or something to that effect.)  Now that I’m aware of that, the sticker might as well say “Don’t buy me, I’m poison!”, because I will never, ever spend a single dollar on any meat that says “Cook only.”  And neither should you.

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