What cable television has done for me

Now that I’m (relatively speaking) unemployed, or rather self-employed, I’ve been watching a lot more TV. Getting cable helps that, of course…
So in some ways it does occasionally distract, but it’s nice to take a break once in a while and unplug the ol’ brain. But what has cable television really *done* for me, per se?
The A-Team, for one. Ripley’s Believe it Or Not. World’s Wildest Police Chases. The list isn’t terribly long, but it seems like these are some seriously amusing bits of daytime television fun. What else? That guy who sells home generators. He must be paying millions for that much airtime. No lie. Guy’s company is on like, *all* the freakin’ time. The ad’s really bad though – bad enough that I don’t even remember what the name of his company is… just that I really really really need a backup generator. Must be a Florida thing. There’s also the DiTech commercials. Those are always amusing. After a while, it’s always the same commercials. Allstate. They have that black guy with the super soothing voice. “That’s Allstate’s stand. What’s your’s?”
I don’t understand how people can spend their whole freakin’ lives just staring at a television. It makes my head hurt. I *do* understand how watching television that much can make you dumber – it’s mind numbing. Literally, the word ‘numbing’ is pretty accurate.

3 Replies to “What cable television has done for me”

  1. torrented tv is even more addictive, though. you can find those BBC shows that aren't available here. and blessedly, i don't feel like i'm making myself dumber, but maybe it's just dumber with a fancy british accent.
    kitchen nightmare's, the IT crowd, you name it.
    videora's a great start, especially if you've got a tivo.

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