Weapon of choice

Old Boy. Korean action flick that will absolutely leave your jaw dragging around on the ground. Think of it as an asian “Fight Club”, only without the fight club and without Brad Pitt and Ed Norton.
Instead, you have some crazy asian guy… well, a whole series of ’em. They fight. They get mean. There’s a whole ‘revenge’ theme throughout. The movie’s not about the ass-kicking though, even though there’s no shortage of it… it’s about revenge. The most thorough, ridiculously twisted, monstrously complete, fantastically thought out and implemented revenge. Just when you thought “Oh, I have this movie figured out”, it throws down dirty and leaves you saying “WTF!?”
Some might think I’m giving it away and that now you’ll be *looking* for the twist. Nope. Gibran gave me the same rundown, I went in thinking exactly that and looking for the twist(s). No way man. Western minds just don’t travel those paths. Maybe they do, I don’t know… but mine sure doesn’t.
The cinematography is intense, beautifully shot, and incredible to behold. It begs to be seen, if only for that, but the story… oh man. If it doesn’t leave you thinking “Wow” then I want to know what will. Anyway, this movie is generally available – Blockbuster actually had it at the store, and the online services (BBO and Netflix) definitely have it. Grab it. Watch it. Wince and cringe, ‘cuz you will.

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