We partied with Keith Richards…

Saturday night was intense. Everyone who was there knows what I mean.

First we went to see Brazilian Girls… it’s a funky kind of deep house music, check it out if you get a chance. Totally worth it, and a great show. The lead singer is freakin’ hot. Check out the pictures of the Brazilian Girls show.

Nat, Jolenny, and Travis crammed themselves into my little Audi TT, which is unbelievably impressive, and we headed south to Pawnshop. Milled around there for a while looking for the gang, and ran into Short Bus (John), Andrew, and Mike, who led me to the rest of the group (which included a bunch of hot chicks I didn’t know). I grabbed my own hot grrlz and brought ‘em in, and then things got hectic.

Harry let me know that they had just met Keith Richards, which was a little odd, but when I turned around, there was a guy squatting in the corner that looked awfully, awfully familiar. Craziest thing, he really looked like Keith Richards. So I decided to verify his identity for myself and went in. Pictures ensued.

I did mention the tall hot chicks, didn’t I? They were hot, and hard to ignore. Keith noticed ‘em too, and started mumbling at them, which seemed alright. Then he decides we’re going somewhere… else. Through the double doors, out to a patio with a half-pipe, and into another warehouse nextdoor.

Welcome to the VIP lounge, bitches!

Then it got really hectic. I’m rambling, go ahead and check out all the pictures by clicking here. Make sure you leave comments and rate the photos. It’s important, I swear.

An awesome night that couldn’t have gone any better for everyone. Someone told me it was Andrew’s birthday party, so Happy Birthday man. Can’t get much more pimpalicious than that shit right there, son!

All in all, the only thing left to say: We partied with Keith Richards. Hah.

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