Warm Bodies.

What happens when you mix Grendel, zombies, and a love story?  You get “Warm Bodies” by Isaac Marion.

This book is… riveting.  It’s a quick read – not just because it’s relatively short (only 256 pages) – but because it’s just so well written.  Floating in the middle of an ocean of zombie-apocalypse bologna, here’s a story told from the point of view of a zombie.  A love story.  I mean, right there, right there, I’m hooked.  I just gotta know how Marion’s gonna write a book from a brainless corpse’s point of view.  So I flip open to the first page…

Fast forward a few hours, I put the book down.  Done.  Wow.  This book just made my must-read list.  The writing style flows, it’s a quality piece.  It’s a little cheesy, sure, but it’s a love story.  A zombie falls in love with a living girl.  It’s bound to throw on a little grated goodness. The end, especially, is a bit cheesy; “The Road” this surely is not.  But…

It will draw you in, grip you, and you will read it.  You have no choice, it hurtles you through it and it’s just a great read.  Worth $10, no doubt.  You might want two copies, as you’ll pass it along to friends.  Even those illiterate bastards will be curious enough to read it and even (gasp) love it.

Get it from Amazon here.  You will not regret it.

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