Upgrades, upgrades, funny little upgrades…

So I upgraded/updated to MT4pointWhatever (at this point I just don’t much care) and it’s got some… interesting new features.  Nothing too spectacular – not like their big interface change back in 3pointWhatever – but some interesting additions.

The thing is, WordPress is rocking the socks offa Movable Type.  I have a couple of WordPress installs rolling around, and the newest versions are just plain sexy.  They have great support, lots of plugins and widgets, it’s easy to templatize… I mean, MT has a lot going for it, but it’s really starting to feel stale.  

I’ve added researching this matter to my queue.  We’ll just see if there’s any truth to this, or if I’m just irritable because all my fonts look funky and messed up in MT.

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