The most frivolous lawsuit of them all…

Sometimes you run into stuff that makes you giggle, sometimes it makes you shake your head, and sometimes you just don’t know how to react.  This case is definitely one of those.  I recently ran into this.

Holy crap.  How freakin’ hilarious is a lawsuit against God?  It’s 5 pages, but make sure to take the time to read each item.  Apparently it was written as a statement against frivolous lawsuits (which we in the fine State of Florida have more than our fair share of!) by Senator Ernie Chambers.  The more I read about Senators and have involvement with them, the more I think I need to be one.  Then again, maybe not.

Anyway, that’ll keep you busy for a bit.  Shaunna’s having herself a great time in Edinburgh, just got back from Dublin, and told me all about the Guinness Factory, the home of that sweet, sweet (or should I say bitter?) nectar.  I can’t wait to see the pics.

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