The American Bouldering Series begins

Not the first ABS competition of the year, but the first for me this season. O-town (Orlando, for the uninitiated), at Aiguille Rock Climbing Gym.
Let me just say, for the record, that the routes set at Aiguille were freakin’ *great*. I had the same opinion of last season’s comp at Aiguille, and I wasn’t disappointed this year. Their route-setters are just incredibly good. Granted, this was a bouldering comp, so I don’t know how their vertical routes are (and as we know from the Gainsville gym, good bouldering doesn’t mean good vert), but the bouldering alone is worth a visit.
The comp was a great time, the gym and routes was as excellent as usual, the event handlers were positive. Even the chili-dogs were good. Did I place? No. But I feel good about how I climbed this event, and I’ll probably do even better at the next one, in Melbourne.

Mikey’s blog
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