Tasty, tasty Ice Cream Sandwich on my Samsung Vibrant…

So there’s a lot of buzz about ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich), the latest and greatest of the Androids, successor to the inimitable Gingerbread (Honeycomb being primarily for tablets, from what I’ve come to understand…)  Anyway, I was just happy to be running Cyanogenmod 7 (finally) on my Vibrant (also known as the Samsung Galaxy S) and puttering along quite happily, occasionally upgrading to a new CM7 nightly.

That all ended rather abruptly with Cyanogen announcing that he (and his team) were going to concentrate on pushing development for ICS.  I wasn’t too worried about it – I could’ve been perfectly happy with a solid CM7 installation until I upgrade my phone someday.  But the last nightly from the CM7 team was buggy, crappy, slow, and drained my battery like a 2 dollar hooker during fleet week.

I figured someone somewhere probably had a vanilla Gingerbread AOSP build for the Vibrant, so I popped over to the XDA forums to see what I could cram into it.  Something functional, yet basic.  I don’t go for the whole MIUI thing… and not just because I’m a UI snob; it’s just messy.

Well, lo and behold!  Apparently some kind developers have actually taken the new ICS release and compiled a beta ROM for the Vibrant.  I shoehorned that sumbitch right into my phone and followed all the instructions… and….. it sort of works.  Everything was shiny and new… and freakishly fast.  Very smooth, very attractive.  I’m very impressed with everything.  Except the phone doesn’t work.  Neither does GPS, but that’s hardly an issue since I’d resigned myself to never being able to use the GPS (as I’m sure every other Vibrant user in the world has done the same.)  I had to install the framework update (same page on XDA developers dot com, just a little bit below the V5 link) and everything’s working just great.  Except the GPS.  But who the hell cares about that anyway.

So: Ice Cream Sandwich!  I’ll post some thoughts about it once I’ve had a few hours to mess with it.  So far though, it’s worth looking into upgrading.  Muy bueno!

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