Tanaka’s back and doing fine

Tanaka-bear is back in our arms after his little operation (he was fixed this weekend), and he seems to be doing fine. He’s bright, alert, and almost as pissy as always. He’s also back to his ol’ shenanigans (like headbutting the fridge) and crawling all over us while we sleep.
It’s a sigh of relief all around, no doubt. Poor little guy. But he’s happy as a clam right now and tooling about the apartment, ensuring that his domain hasn’t changed in the last 5 minutes. All good.
In other news, my Faders SUM autoblocker belay device has disappeared. After setting some routes, I had it hanging off a rope, and it seems to have walked away. Yep, just like that. Fortunately, the Faders SUM isn’t a very common device ‘round these parts, so there’s a possibility of running into it again. I pity the fool attached to it, if that’s the case. Yeah. And it’d better not be who I think it was, because I’d rather not spend the rest of my life in jail.
What else? Oh yeah, today I go back down to Mayami’s excellent climbing gym for the first time in weeks. I’m weak, out of shape, out of practice, and out of sorts, but it will be fun. What will not be fun is climbing with the very tip of my middle finger missing. Tanaka-bear got pissed at me the other day and (basically) bit it off. Can I climb while missing this rather critical part of my crimp-hand? Not sure, but definitely going to find out.
Finally, here’s a link to some seriously funny shit: What if WWII was a MMORPG. Enjoy…

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