The days grow longer, and so do the shadows…

Oooooh, that’s kind of a creepy title.

It’s not that summer is almost upon us again, but summer is almost upon us again.  Okay, not quite.  Still more than a few months off.  But the days are getting longer.  And thank God for that. 

How can I tell?  Mostly because I’m looking out the office window, it’s 6pm, and there’s still plenty of sunshine left.  That’s just A Good Sign.  I also don’t get home depressed, hungry, and ready to sleep (which happens during the winter months.)

Anybody who visits the site with regularity (all 3 of you) may have noticed that as the days are growing longer, so in fact has the design of the site changed to… basically… a pretty simple design.  The reasons are simple. 

  1. I got sick of the last design. Literally, it was driving me to drink.  Okay, not really.
  2. It was kinda hard to read, I guess.  I didn’t think so, but apparently other people did.  It’s not like I do this for a living or anything.  Whatever.
  3. I decided I was gonna make a new template from scratch.  Because God knows I haven’t got anything else on my plate, and I totally love struggling with arcane templating systems.  Man, I don’t know why I do this to myself.
  4. Do I really need a reason, much less 4 of them?

I was just so darned tired of looking at the old template that I’m leaving it on a plain-jane template.  I’ve streamlined a bunch of other stuff on the site too, but it’s nothing anybody will ever see (or probably notice.)  That’s okay though, because I know.  Yeah.

Time to go home and finish Healing Light Yoga.  There’s still plenty to do on it, but I want to get it to a usable Milestone tonight or tomorrow.  Phew.  Who knew that bringing sexy back would be this hard?