Microsoft is up to its old shenanigans again

While I’m all about standardization (of pretty much everything), I’m not all about just anybody standardizing things. This is especially true when the standardizing body has a track record of terrible standards.  Microsoft is a perfect example of this.  Thus, the idea of Microsoft attempting to shove another standard down my throat doesn’t exactly appeal to me.

Microsoft has been trying to push its own XML standard for the last two versions of MS Office.  Thing is, it’s a horrifically bad standard – so bad, in fact, that even Microsoft doesn’t abide by it!  I’m not going to get into the details… there’s a whole website dedicated to that, including a place where you can petition to have this standard denied.  Go sign the petition.  Seriously, it’s for a better tomorrow, and it won’t take but 10 seconds to do.

No OOXML is The Way Forward.  Apparently there’s already a standard in place (ODF), which is supported (and used) by such amazing projects as OpenOffice and Google Spreadsheet (both of which are, by the way, worthy alternatives to MS Office.)  That being said, why have a second standard, much less one that Micro$oft controls?  Exactly.  Sign the petition.