Watching Amazon Instant Video on Fedora 18

Here’s a great link to an article that will show you how to add support for Amazon’s Instant Video services to Fedora 18.  It has to do with the deprecated HAL extensions and Amazon’s adoption of DRM in their player.  All fine and dandy, but kind of a pain to get into play unless you follow this very, very convenient and quick tutorial:

So yeah it’s been a while… months and months and no signs of life.  Been a little busy, but yeah, I’m back.  /cheer! 😉

The History of America

I know there’s historians rolling like tops in their graves, but mk12 has outdone themselves with this, their special version of The History of America.

It features cowboys and astronauts (yep.  In battle.)  Death rays, six shooters, space shuttles, lunar landers, balloons, bombs, and oh, so much more.  It’s about 30 minutes long, so watch it when you have a nice chunk of time, but it’s pretty amusing.  A wild ride, even. 

Pluma Pluma Gay…

This video makes me laugh every single time I see it.  I know it’s been around forever and a day, but holy crap it never gets old.  Suzcataz is particularly fond of it – she used to ride around in my TT blaring this song.  Fortunately she was going so fast people would hear the music well after she’d zoomed by.  Ahhh, the bad old days of my lil’ red rocket.