Murder on the high seas, and so much more

It’s been about a week since my last post, and there really hasn’t been a ton of stuff going on.  However, since it has been a while, that just means that this entry will be unusually crammed with random haphazard stuff. 

Apparently two jackasses decided to murder a boat captain, his wife, and his crew.  Then they got so high (and they’re so inept) that they ran out of gas on their way to Cuba.  Still unbelievably high, they packed all their luggage into a life raft and drifted along the Gulf Stream.  This brought them (of course, since the Gulf Stream flows North on this side) right back to where they started.  Silly?  Oh yeah.  But the story they told the Coast Guard is even sillier.

H2O, the yearly Volkswagen event, was attended (again) by the South Florida Dubs.  There was plenty of representation, and plenty of good times, marred only by a few unfortunate events.  First, some deutschbag (love the play on words there) gets stopped for speeding, which brings the whole caravan to a screeching halt.  Then, later on, that same guy gets completely blitzed out of his skull, races around a horse track, careens into the highway while being chased by Troopers, and demolishes his… get this… Audi S3.  An S3 isn’t a particularly rare car… in Europe.  In the US, there’s only a handful.  One less, now.  Anyway, hopefully the antics of this King of Tools won’t affect future shows.

G-$ speared a mackerel the other day, 19 inches.  That mackerel came swimming around me earlier, but I couldn’t positively identify it, and when I thought I knew what I was looking at I wasn’t sure if I could shoot at it.  Gibran has more experience identifying fish, so he nabbed it when the opportunity arose, and it was in the bag.  We cruised the boulders off Hollywood beach, and there wasn’t much to be seen.  Visibility was a little rough, the ocean was 2-4 feet and growing rapidly, and the majority of the fish were tiny at best.  I did see 4 nurse sharks, however – my first sightings of a shark in a ‘natural’ environment.  Well, that’s not totally accurate.  I’ve seen plenty of sharks while fishing.  Okay, how ’bout this: my first experience with a shark where I was in the water with them.  It’s a little creepy, not gonna lie.  They move like snakes, kind of.  Very slinky.  And sneaky.

I biked to work for the first time today.  According to Google Earth, it’s 10.1 miles from the Broward Blvd station to the Motorola campus.  That is, of course, “as the crow flies” (i.e. in a straight line.)  It’s not quite a straight shot, but it’s pretty close, so I’d estimate it at about 11 or 12 miles.  It’s not really too terrible a ride – maybe 45 minutes – and it’s 90% flat land.  It threatened to rain the whole time, which would’ve sucked, and I managed (somehow) to throw my chain.  Fortunately it wasn’t anything serious and I made it to work okay, if a bit worn out.  Amazing how my body just isn’t as capable as it was a mere 5 years ago.  No… thinking about it I’m probably in better shape now than in my late 20’s.  That’s a scary thought.

Shaunna’s back from England and bonny old Scotland (whatever ‘bonny’ means).  She brought back some seriously neat stuff and plenty of stories – I still have to dig out all the photos from her memory cards.  Can’t wait.  I’ll post them up in the gallery once I’m done.  Speaking of which, I have about 5000 (literally – that’s no exaggeration) photos to put back into that gallery.  And I have to skin it too.  Oh my, the work is never done.

The South Florida Stangs are evolving nicely.  After some internal drama that was handled quite cleverly and with great agility by J-Stang, it seems like what had initially looked like a cancerous situation that needed immediate surgery might be turning into a positive evolution of his club.  I mean, the cancerous situation still needs to be excised, but at least the collateral damage doesn’t seem to be too horrendous (not as bad as it potentially could’ve been.)  We’ll see though – there’s still plenty of action to be witnessed yet. 

I think that wraps up the catch-up.  See?  Nothing serious – just a few little events here and there to keep life interesting.  I’m going to start posting up some tutorials and other, more interesting reading to keep people happy.  For a change.  Hah.

What’s more fun than throwing me into the ocean?

Throwing me into the ocean armed, of course!
So this weekend’s excursion spearfishing off the coast of Hollywood Beach yielded some seriously nice results. For the first time we kayaked out to the reefs, which is the highest level of luxury. Getting to your destination that quickly and with that little effort almost takes something away from the experience. Almost. Then again, getting there (and more importantly, getting back) without real effort is fantastic.
I met Gibran and Brian out on the ocean (I was running late, as usual) and they’d been diving for a bit before I got there. I missed one hogfish completely, but Gibran and I both came up with a pair of foot-and-change long hogs pretty soon after. Stoked by this progress, we headed out along a really sweet shelf of reef, looking for more. I’m really bad at identifying fish, so I was just poking around for hogs (they’re the only fish I can definitely identify), but there some small grouper and some yellowtail rolling around too.
I floated around until I saw movement, swam down to investigate, and saw a really big fish. It was camouflaged, and I thought it might be a parrot or angel or something equally inedible, but then saw the telltale spines over the head… and realized it was a honkin’ big hogfish. I floated the rest of the way down slowly, took aim, and scored a perfect killshot – there wasn’t even a fight. Anyway, as you can see from the picture, he’s a beaut.
After kayaking back and cleaning stuff off, we took the photos. Some weird crazy guy in tighty whities came strolling up asking to be in the picture. I wasn’t terribly amused (as you can tell from this photo) at being next to some strange guy in his underwear.