Clockwork Recovery Image for Android phones

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Back in the day, oh so long ago, if you wanted to root your phone you’d go ahead and install Cyanogenmod‘s CM Recovery 1.4.  This worked great.  

Then… much later (billions of years, seems like…) there was the Amon Ra recovery image.  I’ve used it on the Nexus One rootings I’ve perpetrated, and it’s both functional and easy to use.  It has lots and lots of awesome features that I have no use for, but hey, whatever works.  And while Amon Ra was reDICKulously painful to install, once installed it made short work of, well, everything.
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And now, evolution has brought us Clockwork Recovery.  Probably.  I don’t really know nor do I much care, because I probably only use a fraction of the power of these recovery images, and it’s mostly just to flash updated ROMs into my phone.  What I do know is that Clockwork is really, really, really easy to install and use.  I mean, like, almost dummy-proof.  By the nature of what it does, it’s not dummy-proof – not by a long shot – but the interface is really simple and 
straightforward, and I very much appreciate the easily installed front-end GUI, available (conveniently enough) from the Android Market, as – wait for it – “ROM manager”.  Not the most creative name, admittedly, but hey, it’s descriptive enough.
I don’t know if there’s any relation between the two, but I see some similarities between Clockwork and my much-beloved CM-Updater (Cyanogenmod’s original GUI for his own recovery app.)  It works, it’s clean, and it’s just pleasant to use.  So far.  I can’t wait for it to eat total shit and brick my phone.  Then I’ll be singing a whole different tune.
Anyway, Cyanogenmod has released a whole spiffy new version of his ROM, sitting pretty at 5.7 and based on the 2.1 kernel of Android, so here I go again ready to beat the holy hell out of my phone’s hardware in my ongoing effort to make it behave like a much faster, much more expensive phone.  That’s love!  Or I’m being a total dumbass.  Usually I can’t tell the difference.  I’ll update with another post once I’m done smashing.