Happy New Year.

Boy, I’m just overflowing with excitement these days, aren’t I?  Well, for what it’s worth, I have a whole set of NYR (that’s New Years Resolutions for the uninitiated… or underinitiated as the case may be…)  Ready?  Begin.

  • Gotta lose weight.  Yeah, I suppose it’s a health issue but I’m not stupendously overweight.  This is more related to two things: looking good and climbing harder.  Oh, and looking good while climbing harder.  That’s pretty important too.  Ew, shallow.  Whatever.
  • Gotta get stronger.  This is obviously related to the above.  In fact, I think I’ll combine the two…
  • Gotta increase my strength-to-weight ratio.  The fabled factor of “the better athlete” really is, in my experience, the holy grail of performance.  And the key to this, of course, is core strength.  So: core strength + positive strength/weight ratio = awesome athletic performance.  The nice thing about awesome athletic performance is that if you’re in the kind of shape to put forth this kind of performance, then you’re lookin’ pretty darned healthy as well.
  • Gotta climb harder.  This is all about practice, I know.  Just need to hit the wall with hxc dedication, or at least just regularly, and it will come.  In my current completely out-of-shape state I’m climbing okay, and so I don’t think it’ll take any major changes to improve performance.

But that’s all physical.  On the mental side (and God knows I’m mental)…

  • Gotta get a handle on RoR.  Ruby on Rails has been poking at the back of my head for nigh on a year now, and I just can’t seem to dedicate the time, energy, or effort to finally wrap my head around it and get it to production-level skill.  I could futz and fumble my way through it, given a proper project, and I’d have no shortage of GID (Get It Done) code rolling around while I learned what the heck to do, but that’s not pro-level.  And by pro, I don’t mean professional, I mean production.  Hard-as-nails, bulletproof, bombproof, bugproof code.  Oof.
  • Gotta solidify all the plans and ideas.  I’ve got no shortage of excellent plans, ideas, projects, toy apps, and who knows what else.  Rather than roll around like a blind helmet-wearing monkey trying to piece it all together at the same time, maybe a little organization would help.  Maybe.  And maybe I can filter out all the Bad Ideas.
  • Gotta start some art.  Computers and digital design is all great, but I miss the good ol’ days of the pencil lead.  I miss slappin’ some paint on a canvas.  So it’ll be good to get back to that.

And that’s just the start.  I need to find a way to really organize the goals/projects/plans I’ve got.  Maybe I’ll write some software to handle it… hah, another project.  It never ends.