Nexus One. Android keeps on rockin’.

Android continues on its forward march of progress, with updates coming out seemingly every week these days.  The improvements are significant, the joy to the users is unending, and the success, fantastic. 

Now, finally, the hardware seems to live up to the potential of the OS…

Whoa, whoa, whoa… back up just one sec…

The N1 is quite the distinguished offering.  It has style, performance, and the Google name behind it.  It is, IMHO, a superior offering to the Motorola Droid which, by all indications, should’ve been the “superphone” that everyone wanted.  Unfortunately, Motorola released it for Verizon.  Yet another boneheaded decision from Moto.  You guys are the best.

Anyway, the Droid has been love-hate for a lot of users, particularly the users that have ‘come over to the dark side’ from the iPhone.  It’s not an iPhone guys, sorry, but what it is, is better.  There’s a hundred and one reasons why, not gonna get into it (if you really must now, go Google it.)  The N1, though, promises to have all the hardware to keep Android chugging along famously.

Thing is, Android is chugging along famously already.  I have Android blazing away on my MyTouch 3G, I have friends with G1s (first-gen “Google” phones) that have Android blazing away (okay, maybe “blazing” is a bit strong… how about “briskly moving along.”)  I’m glad the N1 is out, I’m glad the hardware is good, I’m glad it looks as awesome as it does (and it does look awesome.)  I just don’t know that it’s really the superduperawesomeness that everyone seems to think it is.  Time will tell.  In the meantime, check out this review.