OpenID support has been installed

That’s not a totally accurate statement.  OpenID support was already installed – it’s a part of MT4’s whole ‘login framwork’.  What I went ahead and installed was support for AIM and WordPress in the OpenID framework.  This means that all of you out there that haven’t commented because of the whole “oh, I have to register, that sucks, I don’t wanna, it’s boring” thing can now use your AOL/AIM username and password, or your WordPress username and password to log in and leave me tasty comments.

I recently had to make the commenting a little more complicated simply because I was getting 40 comments a day.  All spam.  I don’t even post that often.  At first I was excited – getting email notifications about 40 comments in a day is pretty cool.  Then I realized that 30 of those comments were advertising Viagra, and the remaining 10 were Cialis.  Every day somebody’s peddling some random ED medication on blogs everywhere. 

This is magic stuff, no doubt about it, but I don’t want it all over my site.  So, I had to turn on high-powered authentication and registration and things with molecular structures.  Fortunately, this OpenID framework makes it much, much simpler for people to use their own, usual u/p combinations.  And so, voila!  Hope it helps.