All your space are belong to U.S.

NASA is apparently looking for a new tag-line/slogan with which to woo Americans back into loving them.  In case you didn’t already know it (and I sure didn’t) their current one is: “Explore, Discover, Understand.”  Right, exactly, it’s lameness.  However, you are talking about a 50-year-old institution of science and exploration – stuffy retro slogans fit in with their oddly shaped 70’s architecture.  Anyway, NASA is taking submissions now from the populace at large and I can only imagine how much money it’s costing taxpayers to have NASA administrative staff sift through what I can only imagine to be hundreds of thousands of submissions to pull out what they will arbitrarily consider ‘the best’, and then process those into a short-list that will be decided on in the next 15 years.

Phew.  It’s not that I think NASA is a colossal waste of time and money – on the contrary, I think it’s very important to study space and all that.  Plus I really think there’s something fascinating about exploring The Great Unknown.  More power to ’em.

The first idea that popped into my head was “All your space are belong to U.S.”.  Apparently it was also the first thought in several other people’s minds, but there’s a whole list of very, very amusing slogans.  They’ll never be used – or even get past the initial screen – but man, some of them are seriously funny.  Take a look.  You can vote on people’s witticisms.  Heck, submit an entry, just for giggles.  You never know… “NASA: The Final Frontier” might actually become their new slogan.  Oooh, or maybe “NASA: Because apes can’t fly on their own.”  Warning, though: there’s a few tasteless ones in there, so those of you with delicate sensibilities should probably skip this one and go back to watching The Lifestyle Channel.