Guitar Heros Unite!

guitar_hero2.jpgGuitar Hero 2 is the freakin’ bomb-dizzle-dynamite. 

No, I know that it’s been out forever (Guitar Hero 3 is coming in a month or two) and that everyone and their grandmother has been addicted to this game since the first Guitar Hero, but I was late to the party.  Fortunately, this party is easy to pick up and instantly sound like a guitar god! 

I mean, I’m already pretty much a guitar god, so it’s totally normal for me to rock out, but wow, even T-Bone is rockin’ out in high style.  The control unit (i.e. the guitar controller thingie) is spot-on, there’s no lag, the timing is accurate, the graphics (which are kind of irrelevant to the game, I guess) are still cool to watch, including the random antics of the guitarists when you hit super-sayan mode and start flipping out.  It’s just too much fun to play.

guitarhero2sc2.jpgIn terms of that fun-factor, this game is off the chain.  It’s a bit steep at $90USD, but of course that includes the controller.  Is it worthy?  Well, now that’s a good question.  90 smackers is a lot of loot to dish out for any video game, but I gotta say: I’m glad I did it.  I snagged my copy for the sexbox 360, so I got the phatty mcphatster Gibson X-Plorer with mine…and I recommend you do the same.  Got the surround-sound hookup, and it’s like being on stage… rocking out… makin’ that axe wail… ahhh, guitar godliness is too sweet.

And doesn’t Lars Umlaut look kind of like Grog?  There’s only one person on this planet that knows the answer to that question, and if he’s not playing this game, he’s gonna get it for Christmas.  Or Hannukah.  Or Kwanzaa.  Whatever works.