Save the planet, and a grand, all at the same time…

Right, so it’s cool to save money.  I can dig it.  Especially right now with the whole economy being a shambles, politicians having their thumbs up each others asses, and The People worrying more about the presidential campaign than their Senators actually trying to accomplish anything of note to help it recover.  Money is good, and right now, saving money is The Way Forward.

So how ’bout saving a grand this year?  1000 duckets may not sound like a ton of money to some, especially over the course of the whole year, but think about it: what can you get for a geeski?  Tons of stuff.  A fancy bike.  Lots and lots of food.  1/50th of a really expensive car.  I think a grand is worth saving.  And that’s the least you’ll save.

But wait, there’s more!  You’re not just saving a grand… you’re also gonna save the planet!  ‘Cuz we’re green, people!  We’re saving green while being green!  How hot is that?  Very.

Okay, here’s how: Save at least $1000 while saving the planet.

Awesome article, ain’t it?  Now, I know it’s not perfect, but it certainly gives some very good guidelines to follow (in case you don’t follow most of these already, you non-green-person, you.)  Take a look, though, even if you just do a few of those things, you could save yourself at least a little bit o’ loot.  And buy yourself an extra order of fries at Mickey-D’s… 😉