Happy 30th Birthday, Cristi

So this weekend was my sister’s 30th birthday, and we celebrated in high style as far south as we could: Key West.  Cayo Hueso (as it was originally called) is fun.  Definitely fun.  The drive down (and especially the drive back) is a complete and utter pain in the neck, and possibly the single most frustrating drive in existence, but Key West itself is a good time.

Speaking of the drive down… anybody notice that when you’re 55 miles away, the speed limit is 55… then when you’re 45 miles away, the speed limit drops to 45.  Then when you’re 35 miles away, it drops to 35.  Seriously.  There’s a point on the road to Key West when for three hours, you’re always “an hour away”.  This is assuming, of course, that you obey traffic laws (a good idea when traveling to the keys, considering the cops only have one major road to monitor and they’re usually bored out of their skulls.)  It’s infuriating. 

Once there, though, we had a great time.  Key West really is just Duval street and its environs, but it’s an amusing, entertaining ride for a weekend.  We visited Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, which was freakin’ awesome, and we hung out at the beach (which sucked.  That’s the one thing that really sucks about Key West – the beaches are horrible.)  We came, we saw, we burned like marshmallows.  Then we went out again (after spending the better part of the day downing beer to combat the effects of 90 degree weather) and ended up at the drag show on 801 Duval.  And holy crap was that hilarious. 

One of our crew (who shall remain nameless to protect his innocence) got dragged up on stage.  Dragged.  Well, kicked, actually, by another member of the crew.  Once up there, 90% of his clothes came off (except the boxers, which he clamped onto, thankfully, but not before he ended up with lipstick all over his ass).  Then things happened very quickly, and suffice to say that the entire crew was doubled up laughing until faces hurt and we couldn’t even breathe.  The poor guy rolled with it though, and as they say in the biz, “The Show Must Go On”, so he endured no small amount of… whatever you want to call it. 

I managed to get a short video of about a minute of it before I simply couldn’t take any more.  Maybe I’ll post it, who knows?

The rest of the trip passed relatively uneventfully, but it was still great fun.  Happy birthday, Cristi!