The old Nissan vs. Nissan debate…

So, everyone who’s been on the interweb for more than a few years knows about the old Nissan vs. Nissan court case.  What’s that?  You don’t know about it? 

Well, to avoid big yawns from those that do know about it, here’s the synopsis.  Go to  Whoa, that’s not Nissan, right?  Mostly.  Now go to  There they are!  The deal (briefly) is that some guy whose name is Uzi Nissan (seriously) has been using the domain since the early days.  During these early days Nissan used to be known as Datsun (they were very very early days).  Once Nissan got it together and decided to re-brand themselves, they also decided that they just absolutely needed that domain.  Awesome.  Only Uzi Nissan sure as heck wasn’t gonna give it up (can you just imagine the sheer amount of traffic that domain must get?  It’s a freakin’ gold mine!)  So Nissan Motors got nasty.  And not in a good way.

That started back in 1999.  Yeah, seriously, like 10 years ago.  A series of legal battles known as Nissan vs. Nissan ensued.  At the end of the day, the little guy won out and Uzi Nissan got to keep his domain.  I remember when this was in the news… and his website was basically a link to the legal documents and battles that were raging during the early 2000’s.  All pretty rough, no doubt.

So this begs the question: do we boycott Nissan for being a big fat faceless corporation that cares nothing about anything but itself?  Apparently their evilness isn’t limited to trying to yoink domains from small businessmen:

another example of Nissan Motor’s flexing its corporate might, age old
eminent domain laws have been rewritten in Mississippi allowing the
State to take land and homes from local landowners for the sole private
benefit of Nissan Motors.  How the State of Mississippi was “convinced”
to change these laws is unclear, but it is clear that local individuals
are being deprived of their property rights so Nissan Motors can build
its own plant.

Wow.  Nissan Motors’ evil knows no bounds.  They do however, make a mighty fine car.  Knowing (or at least being aware) that Nissan is capable of such vile acts, can we really purchase a Nissan (or by proxy, an Infinity) and support this beast?  I mean, I hate it when Corporate America flexes and squashes small businesses (damn you, Wal-Mart!) but at the end of the day, it’s Corporate America that really sways the economy and creates the environment you enjoy now.  They make the fancy cars, and the sweet computers, and the big televisions, and all that great stuff that you call ‘name brand.’  And listen: it’s not like Sony isn’t doing the same thing.  Or IBM.  Or (ahem) Motorola.  When it comes to achieving their goals, there’s not much a hefty-sized corporation isn’t gonna do (and if they get caught, just throw lawyers at.) 

So what do we do, then?  Do we boycott all the major corporations and manufacturers, opting instead for the small businessman and the craftsmen that roll cigars on the plump thighs of Puerto Rican women?  I’m not so sure we could, even if we wanted to.  It’s all well and good in theory, and when we get our self-righteous rage on, and our chests puff up in indignation, but at the end of the day I want the best technology money can buy.  I want the best bang for my buck.  I want what Corporate America is here to give me.

And that kinda sucks.