Living in small spaces

I like small, compact, clever things.  Not exactly sure why, but there’s an appeal to it.  That being said, I’ve always theoretically been attracted to living in a small, compact, cleverly arranged habitation… even though in practice bigger is definitely better.  In the past I’ve agreed with the notion that a living space need not be the place you spend the majority of your time in.  My freshman college dorm room, for example, was little more than enough space for a couple of beds.  If you’re treating ‘home’ as simply a place to sleep, then living in a minifridge might work out just fine for you.

matroshka-compact-living-compacted.jpgTreehugger is featuring an article (actually, several) showing a small, compact, clever living space, and admittedly it’s pretty darned cool.  But that’s not all… apparently the ‘movement’ (if you want to call it that) to create livable space in 4 square meters or less has had plenty of action, including the Casulo, which crams all the furniture you need in your minispace in one medium sized box.

Traveling (or at least moving to a new space) suddenly becomes much easier when you can cram *everything* you own into a medium sized box or two – including furniture.  You’re also (potentially) minimizing environmental impact by compacting the amount of living space a person requires (very Brave New World ideology to me).  At the same time, I don’t see any of this stuff being especially comfortable, even if it is super clever.  I guess you could spend most of your time at a Starbuck’s sitting on their plush chairs and producing Smug all day, right?