Good transportational karma – and fun too!

Surf’s up.  Living in Florida for a good part of my life, I’ve picked up a variety of typically Floridian sports, including some waveriding both in the water and on the sidewalk.  Few things, then, are more gratifying than being able to combine such interests with my current ecological awareness. 

Surfboards made of biofoam are apparently the next big thing in ‘green’ board manufacturing – and this is a significant step forward from the harmful materials used in the past!  Pretty amazing stuff.  Mind you, it’s still pretty new so there’s no shortage of caveats, but it ought to be very interesting to watch the technology develop, and I have no doubt that it’ll catch on.

Bamboo has long been a favorite material of mine for a lot of reasons, and while it’s true that there’s some bit of controversy behind the processing techniques used to make bamboo usable for certain applications, there’s are many uses of the material that don’t require harmful and polluting processes.  Loaded Boards makes bamboo decks that are unbelievably tough and responsive performers and hold up to nearly any other deck out there.  Seriously, they’re amazing decks.  They’re a little more expensive (isn’t everything ‘green’ more expensive, just be default? Of course it is), but they seem to be worth it.  Now, if Loaded could somehow figure out a way to make the trucks, wheels, and assorted hardware green as well, then we’d really have something. 

Recycling has taken on a whole new bent with this surfboard and skateboard recycling site.  So it’s not really a recycling site, per se – it’s more like a classifieds website like – it has a specific theme and I can definitely appreciate the intention of creating a location people can go to and purchase previously loved gear, rather than feed the market machine and grab new stuff.

So there you go.  I’ve provided you not only with alternative means of transportation (put the Hummer away!), but also several companies that offer environmentally responsible versions of their products.  Okay, so you might not surf to work, but you can’t tell me it wouldn’t be awesome to do so!