If only it came with an axe, instead of a bat…

Oh, good golly.  This bedside table is the pinnacle of interior design.  And home security.  Sort of.  It’s probably also pretty useful on those mornings when you just want her… gone.

Here’s another cool recycled project I just ran into: airplane drink trolleys.  Pretty cool stuff, there… check out the pictures.  I suddenly found a desire to own one… until I saw the price tag; at 979€ (that’s like, $1300USD), I’ll just go ahead and shop at IKEA for excellently styled furniture at a fraction of the price.  Or even Target (that’s Targ-ay for the uninitiated.)

Apple just announced more iPod stuff for the August 2007 Keynote speech.  Good one, Steve.  How much you wanna bet there’s gonna be an iPod that’s just like the iPhone, but without the phone?  Yup, there it is.  iPod ‘touch’.  Oooh, and a few other little surprises.  Neat.  It’s really no wonder Apple owns this market – the rest of the world is just following along in their wake, and consumers can’t help but recognize.