6mm-Spec (six-mil-spec), an airsoft resource

I recently discovered a relatively new and little-known blog about airsoft called 6mm-Spec (pronounced six-mil-spec).  The website, in fact, is www.6milspec.com, and it’s an interesting mix of reviews, information, tips, industry news, and lots more.  There’s info about new airsoft guns and accessories, tips for airsmithing, upgrading and repairing an AEG, announcements for new sites and retailers, and even game info.  Color me impressed.

There seems to be several guys running it, each one specializing in a few different things.  The interesting thing is that they don’t seem to mind overlap… for example, there are several reviews of the Tokyo Marui SOPMOD M4, since several of the 6milspec guys own one.  That’s neat in that you can get several perspectives from different people, and I know it helped me when I chose to pick one of those TM SOPMODs up.

An interesting airsoft blog with interesting information, worth taking a look at, maybe even subscribing to the RSS feeds. There’s not a ton of websites out there that really cover the airsoft community (airsoft being relatively small) and this one seems to have the potential to be both interesting and informative.