Star Trek Enterprise

At the risk of sounding exceptionally geeky… and I mean exceptionally even by geek standards… the Star Ship Enterprise show is surprisingly good.
Don’t get me wrong: I’m a Star Wars guy (if it comes down to one or the other, of course). Star Trek has some entertainment value, if only to watch William Shatner’s career-defining moments with green-skinned hotties and sending off red-shirted guys to their doom. In general though, it’s written pretty badly. Star Trek Enterprise, though, seems to have all the same great entertainment (except for, you know, Bill Shatner), and the story is significantly better. Couple this with the Sci-Fi Channel’s marathon mondays of STE, and I can tell you that from 7pm on, I’m very much into it.
It’s pretty amusing, though, how they continuously recycle plot elements. Right now, for example, they’ve traveled through time (a plot cycle that has been used, and reused, and reused, and reused even by the original series) to – you guessed it – World War Two. Once again, serious recyclage. It’s engaging though; I recommend giving it a shot.

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