She smells of the sun…

The psycho-circus does me no good. Insane people very quickly try my patience. Fortunately, I have lots and lots of patience. But wow, man.
Karma doesn’t seem to be on my side right now. I must’ve kicked a priest recently, or stepped on a puppy-dog’s tail, or something evil like that. Okay, no, that’s not really accurate – karmic influence aside, it hasn’t really been altogether bad, per se. I think I just feel slightly overwhelmed.
And I don’t think it’s even about feeling overwhelmed. I don’t know what it’s about. Bleagh, I don’t enjoy feeling so… undecided. Decidedly undecided.
Today there’s a great breeze, a blazingly beautiful sun, and it smells like green. This is why I love to live in Florida – it just smells right sometimes.
I miss some moments of my past today, but that could just be me ruminating. Or it could be indigestion. Either way, I wonder if the people I knew back then knew how to behave naturally, if that’s the way they were, or if they behaved specifically that way because that was the way to interact with me? Questioning that leads one to wonder if that’s not simply the case now.
Oh, and how. Such philosophical meanderings… psssssshaw!

2 Replies to “She smells of the sun…”

  1. They reminisce over you too, I am sure… and psychoness is related to (im)maturity, age (or lack there of), and insecurity. And I KNOW this man!

  2. Sometimes, all you need is something that is just… right. When all around you is soft, nurturing and serene. When all your cares seem a million miles away, even if only for a moment…
    That's called bliss.

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