Scaling castle walls…

I itch to climb. Especially when I don’t get a chance to do it regularly. The last couple of weeks have played hell with me, my strength is all over the place, my balance almost shot… it’s a bad scene.
So what do I do? I start climbing stuff, of course! I’m not picky – I’ll climb damned near anything at this point. Like, for example, castle walls…

That picture is of my happy ass sitting 15 feet up a castle wall in El Puerto de Santa Maria. The locals refer to it as “El Castillito” because it’s not a very big castle, per se. But it’s a farkin’ castle. More pics will be uploaded to the gallery later this evening.
I’m still in the process of breaking in the new Galileos, but they’re super comfortable compared to the Anasazis and stickier’n flies on shit. Or something.
I don’t think the buildering will make me stronger, but it’ll definitely prevent me from getting weaker. And that’s A Good Thing.
Hurricanes suck · Oct 20, 05:03 PM by Jose Sierra
There’s not much that sucks more than a hurricane, to be sure. Although, in terms of natural disasters, there’s worse. An earthquake, for example, creates all kinds of damage and strikes pretty much from out of nowhere. By the time the geeks that figured out that there’s an earthquake about to happen get off their asses and get with the program, skyscrapers in Mexico City are coming down and a giant wave is enveloping southeast Asia.
Tornados are fairly devastating, and they’re sorta random. I mean, they recognize the conditions for a tornado, but who knows if one will actually touch down. Of course, when it does touch down, that’s when the devastation begins. I’m not sure whether it’s as bad overall as a good hurricane.
Tidal waves are rough, but I still think that those things are detectable. With all the undersea sensors deployed by the navies of the world, you’d figure they’d be able to tell if a gi-normous wave is barreling across the sea. Just seems like they’d be capable of it, that’s all. Devastating? Sure. But hurricanes have storm-surges too.
Yeah. Hurricanes suck. But the parties are fun. I’m going to miss this one, unfortunately – I’ll be in Spain. Not too worried about getting out of here, but who knows if I’ll be able to get back in time. Hey, a few extra days in Spain? Noooo problem.

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