Roo-dee! Roo-dee! Roo-dee!

I may not be a fan of Notre Dame, but apparently I’m a big fan of Rudy Giuliani.  But no, seriously, I’m totally not.

Find out who your candidate of choice is.  That quiz will tell you which candidate is most suited to you, based on their arbitrary choice of issues.  It also lets you rate how important those issues are to you, and somehow archives that information away (probably to sell to the candidates…)

I know I should vote for a candidate based on the issues of his/her/its platform, but seriously… I wasn’t all that impressed with a lot of the issues.  I think I only hit the “Very Important” button like, once.  

So, when it comes to unimportant or uninteresting issues, apparently Rudy’s my man.  Aside from the fact that we agree that defining marriage in the constitution is one of the single most retarded things I’ve ever heard of, what qualifications does Rudy really have?  He was the mayor of NYC?  That means very little to me.  I’m sure he’s done some really amazing things – I heard somewhere that he reduced traffic in Manhattan by some huge percentage.  He probably paid people to steal more cars, who knows?

In fact, before Sept 11th, 2001, I’d never even heard of the guy.  Go figure, someone is still profiting from the horrible tragedy of so many years ago.

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