Random information, and then some

Now, everybody knows that nobody loves random, useless information more than I do. From The San Diego Times:

In the movie “Jurassic Park,” an enraged (or
maybe just hungry) Tyrannosaurus rex gallops after a speeding car
filled with screaming morsels of, uh, people.

The scene was contrived. Outside of Hollywood,
nobody believed T. rexes could actually run that fast. However, a new
University of Manchester (in England) study suggests that while the big
dinosaurs weren’t exactly speedsters, they could still run at a pretty
good clip.

Using a supercomputer to calculate the running
speeds of five carnivorous dinosaurs, based upon biomechanical data
specific to each species, scientists estimate a 6-ton adult T. rex
could sprint at speeds of up to 18 miles per hour, slightly quicker
than a professional soccer player.

Faster still, though, was the 10-pound
Compsognathus, which was able to dash along at almost 40 mph – 5 mph
faster than the computer’s estimate for the fastest living animal on
two legs, the ostrich.

Said paleontologist Phil Manning, “Our research,
which used the minimum leg-muscle mass T. rex required for movement,
suggests that while not incredibly fast, this carnivore was certainly
capable of running and would have little difficulty in chasing down
footballer David Beckham, for instance.”

That’s pretty cool to know.  In case, you know, you’re being chased by a T. Rex.  Or in case you really don’t like Beckham and you have a pet Tyrannosaur rolling around.  Beckham’s old, though – I doubt he could run anywhere near 15mph.  Based on his performance with Real Madrid, I’d say he’s about ready for a walker.

Oh, but wait!  There’s more:

Start with a five-letter word meaning “a bunch
of birds.” Change one letter in that word to create a new word
describing the second phrase below. Change that second word by one
letter to form a third word describing the third phrase, and so on.

  1. a bunch of birds
  2. a device for measuring time
  3. what you can do with a mouse
  4. a baby chicken
  5. a device to prevent wheels from moving
  6. a surprise
  7. a small house
  8. a pile of cards
  9. a small piece of wood
  10. unable to move


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