Photos have been added to the gallery…

I added 4 new albums to the gallery today. Well, actually, it’s 3 albums and a handful of pictures that I strapped into an existing gallery. Here’s the breakdown:
In “Climbing Trips” I put up pictures from the Orlando Comp and the Miami Comp (Southeast Showdown). The Miami Comp has a few pictures of Shaunna climbing, a couple of me climbing, and a lot of pictures of the whole group just lounging around. Which we did a lot of. The Orlando Comp album has some pictures, but they’re not climbing pics, nor are any from the actual comp. In fact, I don’t think any of the pictures were taken in Orlando at all. Some from the trip up, some from the trip back, and some from while we stayed in Gainsville with Brad and Suze. Amusing, yes, yes… very much so.
In Get Local I posted up an album with Devin’s new (albeit short-lived) mohawk. It looks great, too! Super badassed. But his work would flip out and fire him if he showed up with it (too bad) so he has to shave it down. Very unfortunate. This could’ve been a whole new Devin. Chicks dig that shit, fareal.
Finally, a handful of pics were added to the Binked The Curb album. Just a few shots showing how my car squirts oil now. Well, it did, at least. Right now it’s in the shop (where it’s been for over a month now, with no end in sight.) I called them for an update, which was pretty straightforward. “When do you think the car will be ready?” “Ready? Uhm… I don’t know…” “You can’t give me a guess?” “Well, we’re waiting for suspension parts… but no, I don’t know.”
Well, whatever works. As long as it gets fixed.
So run into the gallery, check out the new pics, check out the old ones. There’s some pretty amusing stuff, leave comments!
Tonight is going to be messy. Just a lot going on. I want to go to the gym and climb (been working on a 5.11) but my fingers feel a little tight and I’m just plain exhausted. I want little more than to just curl up and sleep. It sounds so nice…

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