Photos printed on a big ol’ canvas? Yes, please.

I’m a big fan of getting photos printed up on big ol’ canvases.  They look really cool and you can have some of your best photography on display – classy display – at your crib/house/cave/whatever.  It’s really good stuff, especially if your photo is pure win (as mine inevitably are).  Thing is, that service is usually pretty expensive unless you do it yourself and even then, it’s still too expensive for the average joker.

At $80, CanvasPop is pretty reasonably priced for the service.  I mean, it’s still a touch on the pricey side, but you are getting a framed piece (and that ain’t cheap.  I used to be a framer, trust me, I know.)  But wait, there’s good news.  Living Social (which I usually ignore, though there are some interesting deals to be had once in a while) is offering $80 credit for $40.  So, half off.  On a 16×20 framed print of your photo (or your favorite photographer’s photo, wink-wink), on canvas.  That is a really reasonable price to get some artwork on the wall.  Plus, they’ll give you a $30 credit towards the next one you do.  Very, very awesome.

Take advantage of it by clicking on the Living Social photo canvas deal here.  It’s only good for another 18 hours, so I recommend hopping on it quick.  This is really a super cool deal, I hope some people take advantage of it.

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