Papa Johns (Can you please hold?)

Ever call up Papa John’s and gotten their famous “Can you please hold?” It’s freakin’ hilarious – I’m convinced it’s part of their script (no business as corporate as Papa John’s could possibly exist without having a script for every bit of interaction with a human, especially one so dependent on phone transactions.)
Phone rings… “Thank you for calling Papa John’s can you please hold?” *click*!
That’s it. No room for a response, no reason to even ask. It should be “Thanks for calling, you’re on hold.” Or maybe a call-center approach would be more efficient, with proper routing of pizza orders to the respective branch/franchise/whatever nearest the address on file? I mean, with computers being as cool as they are for this sort of thing, why not set up a centralized database based on phone number or whatnot that stores addresses (much like they have now) and just dispatch orders?
What a fantastic idea. Until then, I guess we’ll just have to stay on hold. Or call Domino’s.

One Reply to “Papa Johns (Can you please hold?)”

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