Paid off and on her way to her new home

The TT is officially paid off and gets picked up tomorrow to go to her new home in Napa, California.

I’m really, really sad to see her go – she was always really good to me and always pulled hard when I needed it. She ran, she raced, she shimmied, she dodged. She took care of me in situations where *any* other car would have meant an accident, injury, and possibly even death. She always looked good, even when I neglected to wash her for a few weeks, and she looks spectacular now with a good scrubbing. She is, in my opinion, a bright and shining example of the finest in German engineering. Her shoes are shined up, her skin is gleaming, and her fluids are topped off. She’s ready to make somebody new very, very happy.

She’ll always be my baby, though. My first dream-car, and (hopefully) not my last, she defined two years of driving for me. She has style and grace and tempered my driving skills. I’m unbelievably fortunate to have owned her, and I’m sure the new owner will recognize the unbelievable deal he got the moment he lays hands on her steering wheel.

Man, it’s hard to let this one go. But it’s all for the best – life takes twists and turns, and sometimes you decide to move forward in unexpected ways. Hey, that’s how I prefer to roll. Besides, material goods are enjoyed for so long, and then perhaps it’s time for new experiences. I’m not one to have stuff “just to have it”, and having more than one car at a time seems kinda wasteful. I just don’t see a point in collecting cars (unless they’re irreplaceable, of course – but late-model cars? Nah.) So the TT was experienced and loved, and I know now that in the future, I can always come back and do it again without wondering if I’m gonna enjoy it. My next experience: getting the most out of my Jeep.

Speaking of the Jeepster, it took nearly three hours of wrangling (no pun intended) to extract the broken bolt from the block. We were going slow and careful so as not to damage anything, and it wasn’t offering excessive resistance, but it took for-freakin’-ever. Once it was out, we polished the exhaust/intake area up, slapped some new gaskets on it, sealed it all up, put it back together, and started her up.

So nice. *So* nice. It’s an amazing feeling of accomplishment to take something apart thats broken, put it all back together, and have it actually *work*. It’s even more dramatic when it’s something big and scary and tangible, like an engine. Too sweet. I actually see why people spend countless hours messing with their engines. Then again, ask me again when I have a nice set of bloody knuckles.

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  1. What's even more humerous is that I currently own a Jeep, and prior to the Jeep I owned a 2001 Audi A6 Quattro 2.7t. My how the coincidences stack up.

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