Oh, but the rant continues…

So after my two-million-mile long rant about Flash and usability and websites, I flitted (yes, flitted) around a few of the Big Corporate sites that I know use Flash (because it’s young, it’s hip, and it’s like crack to the marketing people.)

Nike updated their site, but it’s 100% Flash based now.  Holy crap that’s a gamble, but in the case of what amounts to a glorified brochureware site, I suppose that’s not such a big deal.  Besides, their marketing has reach that goes way beyond their website, they have many, many websites, and their main point of sale isn’t (by any stretch of the imagination) their website.  The old Nike site, which I was hoping to find, was a horrendous mess of a nightmare, all Flash (and badly done Flash), with navigation and usability issues everywhere.  All for the sake of ‘cool’. 

Coca-Cola (uh oh.. did I hear ears perk up?)… what is with that stupid pop with the Coke bottle and the slogan?  It’s like a pop-up for the sake of a pop-up.  Their use of Flash, however, is very well implemented (in most places.)  Looks like they may have some people on staff that know what they’re about.  Except for that pop-up.  Seriously.  There’s parts of the Coca-Cola site framework, however, that don’t match up… I’m inclined to chalk that up to Coke being Big Corporate, and as such has about a million arms that don’t know (or care) what the others are doing.  It happens.  At Motorola we’ve got the same issue – just try visiting one of the 20 different moto stores.  There’s one for each nationality, and each site is completely different.  In fact, some of them are so unusable that it’s nearly impossible to actually purchase something in that.  But I digress; the usability issues of Motorola’s web presence are an issue for another series of posts.

It all goes back to Flash in The Right Place and The Right Time.  Of course, that Right Place and Right Time are all relative to the creators, but that’s a responsibility they need to shoulder.  I’m not saying that a site shouldn’t be ‘cool’ – but Flash in and of itself doesn’t make a site ‘cool’.  That’s even more important to recognize and keep in mind when developing a site (or having one developed.)

Okay, I’m done.  For now.

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