Nexus One data connection not working? No problem.

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Jimbo Slice called me last night to let me know his shiny sexy I wanna have one Nexus One, freshly updated with Cyanogenmod by moi, was having a data connection problem.  To put it simply, it just didn’t have a data connection anymore.  Hm.

So I moseyed on over to the “hoffice” and took a gander.  Sure enough, his Nexus One wasn’t seeing the data network.  Phone seemed to work just fine, everything was peachy otherwise… it even connected to WiFi without a hitch.  But no 3G.  Double-hm.
Jimbo, in typical fix-it-with-a-big-stick mode, wanted to rock it, sock it, and just re-flash the sucka with the original Android OS, or an older version of CM, or something.  Whatever it takes to get it working. Cooler heads (mine) of course prevailed, and I figured the issue wasn’t going to be too terribly complicated to wrap up.
Quick research on the matter uncovered a few similar issues but no real fixes, per se.  Before moving much further, I ran into Settings->Wireless & Networks->Mobile networks->Access Point Names.  Here you should see your network’s APN (T-Mobile or whatnot.)
Hitting menu, I reset the APN to factory default.  A few hot minutes later (it does take a little bit, so be patient), bam, data network connectivity restored.  No need to re-flash or re-install anything, good to go, ready to rawk, and all set.  Enjoy!

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