New pictures are up…

I’ve added a whole series of pictures to the gallery. And I’ve eliminated that crappy Other Gallery. The verdict on that is: done-zo! Wonky interface, lack of flexibility, and just overall grossness.
So the old one stays.
I recategorized a whole bunch of albums, so things are a bit mixed up. For the Spain categories, I put them in order from beginning to end for the trip. Makes things a little more ‘linear’ to those just looking at them for the first time. For the “Current Events”, however, they’re listed from the most recent one to the oldest. Since current events work that way, it just makes more sense.
I also divvied out the climbing albums and sub-categorized a bit more so people could skip right to the parts they might wanna see.
Oh, I have been busy! There’s lots of new pics up that I dug up from an old hard drive I rummaged through, some seriously old stuff. And I found a really old shoe-box filled to the brim with old pictures that I need to scan in and post up. Shots from high school (1993), shots from Boston University, shots from FAU, FSU, and even a few from Texas. Old school, for sure.
Speaking of Texas, there’s a bouldering area in the Austin area that needs to be visited… hmmm… climbing trip, anyone?

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