Nat’s going away…

It’s a sad time. I just recieved news about Nat’s impending departure – specifically the date she leaves us all behind for a fabulous and spectacular life in San Francisco. So, on the 20th, we wave goodbye as she embarks on yet another leg in her journey through life.
But it’s not a permanent goodbye! No freakin’ way! We’ll visit, of course, and she can’t stay away from the Elbo Room for extended periods of time (she gets awfully thursty) so I expect we’ll be seeing lots more of Nat over time. It’s just sad right now to see a good friend move along.
In celebration of this event, we went to Key West for the weekend! Key West, as we all know, rocks the heezy fo sheezy! When I say “we”, I’m talking about most of The Gang: Erica and South Florida Mike, Elise, Bobbie, and Karen. People missing include Marky, Shaunna, Suze, Brad, and a few more, and they were definitely missed. Suckas. But everyone shows their love in their own way, and when they can, so it’s all good. How good a time did we have? Well, there’s freakin’ photos, yo! I just haven’t posted them up quite yet (takes time, people.) Be forewarned, though… there’s a photo of Natalie’s white Ohio butt. Yeah, you can’t wait now, can you?

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