MT4… what the…?

So I migrated to Movable Type 4.
So yeah, the new interface is pretty sweet. Lots of good stuff going on there – a much-needed improvement (especially graphically) over the original. It’s got lots of doo-dads. If you don’t know what a doo-dad is, I recommend checking on Wikipedia.
The ‘upgrade’ is fairly painless – and I say fairly because the blog has only been down for two days. I’m a little frustrated with a lot of things, not the least of which is my ‘mostly’ working installation of Fedora, my inability to get LDAP working correctly, my inability to get Bongo working correctly, my inability to stop whining about my inability to do things. Last thing I really felt like dealing with is the MT4 upgrade process. I got it eventually, of course, but be warned – it sure ain’t as smooth as all that. And worse: the new MT4 is *slow*. Eh.
Meanwhile, there’s a Naruto marathon going on right now on Cartoon Network. Naruto is freakin’ awesome. Go watch it.

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