More geekiness…

But wait, there’s totally a good reason for it! And it’s related to climbing, so that should be exciting. For *some* people at least…
I’m setting up a sort of ‘events calendar’… more like an ‘events list’ than a calendar. Something about the calendar interface never really struck me as intuitive, so I’m just going to skip it and make it a kind of list of upcoming events. What events, you’ll ask? Why, climbing events, of course!
After noting that people are immensely disorganized about going on climbing trips (including me, of course) I decided that the best way to correct this would be to establish some sort of… system, if you will… to organize people despite themselves.
This system won’t be open to just anybody (at least not at first.) I mean, anybody will be able to access it and view the trips, but only registered ‘members’ will be able to post to the events, and only I will be posting up new events. At least at first. I’d like to expand it once it gets rolling, but for now, it’s just intended to give me a place to post the trips that *I* plan on going on, and have people sign up if they’re down to come with. Later on, it’ll be a place anybody can post up a trip/event, relevant details (such as lodging, plane ticket prices, carpooling instructions, etc) and have people sign up for those events too. But like I said, that’s down the line.
Right now, I just want to concentrate on making it work. Which, in and of itself, can become complicated.
So, on to the extra-geeky stuff. I’m thinking I might use this opportunity to make this my first Ruby application. Doing it in PHP was my first though (and probably the easiest way to do it) but I’ve been itching to apply a little practical Ruby to the repertoire, and this seems like a good opportunity. That won’t make it as marketable a tool, I suspect, but it’s for fun and convenience, not for money, so it’s hardly a factor.
More then, as it comes. In the meantime, I’ve set up a forum (phpBB) to take care of immediate communication issues. It’s nothing fancy, but it’ll do the job in the meantime.
Phew! My geek gland is throbbing!

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