Migrating from Movable Type (ugh)

Typo is pretty neato so far. Integrates a lot of very cool features, lots of spiffy AJAX has been sprinkled in, and it’s fairly quick. I’m digging it.
Is it better than Movable Type? Sad to say, so far I think the answer to that is no. MT is simply more full-featured and still boasts plenty of AJAX interface whiz-bangs and all the speed. Of course, Movable Type costs money, which Typo does not, and Movable Type isn’t a Rails app, but… if one already has a license, then there’s just no real reason to migrate. No good one, anyway.
All that aside (and because I don’t believe in good reasons), I’m seriously not enjoying the prospect of migrating my Movable Type entries to Typo. Right now it seems I have two options:
Option 1: I enter each entry manually. Oh God, the throbbing in my head just increased tenfold.
Option 2: I attempt to use a migration script. I found one on poocs.net that might work, but the documentation on just how to use it is slim. I keep running into this whole ‘documentation sucks’ scenario. I just think that the whole attitude of “If you can’t figure it out, then it wasn’t meant for you” is totally shitty. I switched away from Windows so I wouldn’t have to bash my head against things all the time.
That, right there, is what we call an “analogy.” Anyway, looks like Option 1 it is, unless someone can come up with a better solution. That’s a lotta freakin’ entries though. Groan.
Then there’s the template situation – making the site look good again. For now, I just don’t care. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of dumping all these old blog entries into Typo, and am just not dealing with the templating at all.
As long as I’m moaning, I’m going to go ahead and say that Ruby on Rails is a little more fragile than I expected. It’s being touted as this bulletproof, rock-solid framework, yet it doesn’t work half the time (I get all kinds of errors while using Typo, can’t get Radiant to work at all, and countless other complaints.) I blame this on the host, more than anything, and Dreamhost has really gone to pot in the last few months (don’t know what’s going on with that, but come on guys, get your shit together. The email issues alone are killing me – and my clients – but the stability issues and the sickeningly slow servers are making life impossible) Then again, the technology should be stable enough that the host shouldn’t be having these kinds of issues. Then again, this is pretty new technology, so whatever, it’s all moot.
Phew, enough moaning, I’m done. I have Ubuntu to go play with, and a whole site to recreate in CSS. Let the games begin!

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