Mad Max rules.

Fans of Mad Max (and who isn’t?) can now buy an official replica of the jacket worn by Mel Gibson himself. For a mere $600USD, you can own a little piece of the post-apocalyptic future. What I’m looking for, personally, is that sweet Ford he was driving around in, running people over with. Big supercharger, the last of the V8s… mmmmmm.
Additionally, in a surprising move (to some, anyway), the fine developers at MySpace have decided to add some special new functionality to their site. Previously, MySpace would simply take in data and other people’s events, dates, contact info, etc. myspacelogo.jpg Now, developers would like to give back to the community, in essence blowing back to its users and providing them with all kinds of multimedia experiences. To reflect this, MySpace users will soon see a new button at the top of their profile – a toggle that will switch their MySpace from “Suck” to “Blow”. Either way, the end-user is the clear winner in this situation.

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