Life is wierd. And then you find a doppleganger.

So apparently there’s a guy who is me. Runs in a Jeep, used to drive an Audi (2001, no less). Does geeky things. Probably climbs rocks, too. The craziest thing? His name is Jose Sierra too.
SD-6 must’ve cloned me back when I was an international superspy. Too wild. But is he as good-lookin’ and stylish as me? Of course not! That’s impossible!
Apparently he was lookin’ to set up a sweet site, and wanted to use our name, but lo, there’s already a pretty sweet site chillin’ on this here domain… an unfortunate circumstance, to be sure (especially for him.) However, I hope he goes through with his site and lets me know the domain, because I’ll be more than happy to link up the sites!
Hmmm. Maybe I’ll set up a separate blog on this site… one where I just add Jose Sierra’s from around the world as authors… and they can just write whatever they want. It can be like a Jose Sierra collective!

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