Kubuntu on the way

I really liked Ubuntu. In fact, I’d say that it’s a very feasible system for just about anybody, and will (easily) accomplish any task one could throw at it. I spent a solid three weeks throwing everything I could think of at it, and aside from the learning curve (thankfully and very effectively lessened by the ease-of-use of the interface and the wealth of online knowledge) it’s freakin’ great!
But I don’t much like Gnome. It’s kinda goofy. And I’m really picky about my interfaces (being, after all, a very happy OSX user). So I went ahead and installed KDE and got it running quite nicely… this being, by the way, quite a testament to the ease of use of Ubuntu (and Linux, in general). It’s just not as cryptic and insane as it used to be (not to date myself, but my experiences with Linux date back to the early days of Red Hat and Slackware, which I hear is still as impossible to use as ever.)
Anyway, KDE is great – much more mac-like and pretty. It runs smooth (seriously – Linux is stupid efficient. I can’t stop being impressed at how well it runs on some horrifically old hardware.) Someone who actually reads my blog mentioned Kubuntu, a KDE distro of Ubuntu… so now that I had a few minutes, I looked it up.
And I’m downloading the ISO now. I’m pretty excited, actually – the KDE interface looks nicely optimized (as opposed to my current installation of KDE which is more than a bit messy) and cleaned up. I expect the majority of things will be the same (a good thing) so this can only be a good time. This time I’m also going to download and install a PPC version… I have an old Power Mac G4 Cube that can just barely run Panther (won’t even touch Tiger), so I’m hoping Kubuntu will breathe new life in an otherwise oh-so-tight little machine. Happy days in geekland!

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