Kubuntu can.

My experiences with Ubuntu have been pretty darned good. GNOME isn’t half bad, and it really has come a long way – and with the right wiggling, Ubuntu does a pretty good job of being nearly transparent to Windows people. Nice and easy to use, amazingly enough. And that in itself is a *huge* step for Linux.
Next up on the agenda: Kubuntu. I’ve always been a fan of KDE over GNOME, and as someone already pointed out to me, while you can install KDE on any distro, there is Kubuntu. And Kubuntu comes with KDE as its primary window manager. Nice. So today I install it on an old Dell Dimension 3000 I scraped up (thank you J. – I may not have the connections like Bray does to get spanking new Sun boxes, but sometimes I can scrape up an old box to mess with). Exciting? Yep. Hopefully it’ll be as smooth as Ubuntu.

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