Jamesestout.com is launched… again.

So for like, the ninth time since its inception, Jamesestout.com is launched. This time, it’s pushing a WordPress engine with a slew of juicy plugins and add-ons, and this time maybe, just maybe, Jimbo will keep up with it. The potential of his blog is pretty high as both a marketing tool and a communications tool, and he’s got the content to push his site to the very top – it’s just a matter of him devoting some of that time he has on his hands towards it.
Whatever he’s got to talk about *has* to be more interesting that anything I’ve got to say, that’s for sure, but on top of it all he’s got a lot of experience in the mortgage industry and he’s a whiz with the finances. Even if he only puts up an article once a week, if it’s decent enough and has some information on it worth reading, people will tune in. As we all know, if people tune in, that’s traffic, and traffic can be directed. Like I said – invaluable.
Wordpress has impressed me, though. The install was quick, painless, and very thorough. The engine is solid, the plug-ins are very easy to implement and work with. The whole experience has been pretty nice, actually, so far, and it has nice features like the email-a-post thing built right in. Very cool. The templating system looks good, and there’s *so* many templates. I’ll have to implement the previous “Pineapple Fields” template eventually, but for the time being it’ll do the job.
Next up on that site, Coppermine! I’ll be integrating it with WordPress (another surprising, yet excellent feature that I wish Movable Type had) so Jimbo can reference his gallery pics. He’s got plenty of ’em too. Which reminds me – I need to get around to re-installing Coppermine on my own site… sheesh.

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