I’ve been a bad, bad man

Oh man, so it’s been almost a week… no, wait, it’s been a week since my last confessio… I mean, article. I’ve just been so busy, and I know my loyal fans (who leave so many comments) are missing my soapbox ways.
So here’s a synopsis of what I’ve *meant* to write about all week, but simply haven’t had the time (or I was busy writing in other people’s blogs, my newest hobby.) It’s a pretty wide range, I know… and I think I’ll work my way backwards. Like a crab. Fiddler.
The ABS competition at Melbourne went… badly. I was excited and the routes seemed so cool that I totally burned myself up a tad on the quick side. Pacing is everything, I discovered (the hard way.) Combine this with less than a week to grow back the skin on my fingers and that’s just a recipe for disaster. It’s just a little frustrating to get on a route, *know* that you have the physical power left to push through the moves, but even the slightest pressure burns the fingers like hot pokers. I tried to work through it anyway, overgripped everything, and now my forearms are shot too. The end result? A terrible score, messed up hands, shot forearms, and a terrible, terrible negative feeling. Everyone else had a good round, though – William H. Dodge placed, Shaunna the Climbing Kitten placed, Suzecataz The Jalapeno Popper placed, D$-Divine placed, Dan-1 placed… heck, I think everyone placed except me. It was nice though – the South Florida crew took more places than any other crew (go figure)! Mad kudos! I still think I should’ve won a prize for most creative climbing hat…
Wolfcars is finally through phase 1 of its redesign. The new look is hot as hell, it’s working up to spec, and will improve dramatically as I finish screwing in the last few features. There’s much more to come in the next phases, including integrating their POS system with the site, enabling ecommerce and allowing customers to interact directly with the Wolfcars staff. All very exciting. The DNS may or may not have successfully flipped yet – so you might still get the old site, but I promise the new one is much cooler.
I found a great piece of writing software the other day, and started using it once in a while, mostly for creative writing (which I’m trying to get my feet back into with some microshorts.) It’s called Writeroom, and it’s promoted as “distraction-free writing”. It totally is. When put into fullscreen mode, it’s much like your old-school word processors (anybody remember WordPro?) There’s not a million features, so don’t go in expecting much more than a basic processor, but man, it’s a great feeling to crank out page after page with no external visual distractions to drag you way. Two microshorts out already (see Mikey’s blog) and the beginnings of a short story. I was considering posting the short story on this blog as I write it, maybe. Any opinions?
I finally found a soft top for the jeep! After stressing out about having to shell out a grand or so for all the crap I was going to need to assemble a soft-top, I ran into a guy who was just going to throw out his top. Now, it’s a little damaged, but you can’t beat free. Later on, I’ll shell out some duckets for a new one thats undamaged. Right now, it’ll work and keep me nice and dry (a big deal in South Florida.) I have to score the hardware, but that shouldn’t be too terrible (about $150USD on jcwhitney.) Slowly, but surely, the Jeep is coming together.
The TT is finally going up for sale on eBay. I’m using iSale for the listing, and I gotta say, it’s pretty swanky software. The utilities are nicely put together, the presentation and interface are slick and well thought-out, and the overall experience is pretty (surprisingly) painless. I’m impressed. It is, in my opinion, worth the price of admission (about $60USD), especially if you sell stuff on eBay regularly. In fact, I like it so much I’ve even linked back to it. Anyway, the TT is going for a little under $18,000USD, which is a great deal considering the condition it’s in and the performance modifications of the S-Line.
Got a line on a CJ-7 that might be sweet to get my hands on. It’s a 1979, it’s on a lift kit, the whole nine. It has lots of custom options, which is both cool and a little awkward, it has an inline 6, which is definitely cool, and it’s ready for offroad, which is awesome. The guy’s not asking a lot for it, which is nice, and it’s not super rusted out, just a few spots here and there. I’m excited to look at it. Thing is, I really like my TJ, even though it’s a 4 cylinder. It has modern suspension, modern steering, modern technology, and while I dig the old-school, I like the sustainability of newer parts. In other words, I don’t want to spend 10k getting an older car into daily-driver order. I don’t know, I don’t know. The old school is just so cool, but I really wish it were *less* customized, amazingly enough. I kind of want to ‘do it myself’, so to speak. Especially with an older car. That’d be The Way To Go, I imagine. But I’ll look at it and see. It’ll have to be pretty compelling to get me to give up the TJ, though.
Okay, I didn’t do *exactly* in order. In fact, I’m all out of whack. But for those that care about what’s happening these days, it’ll make sense on some level. For the others, I promise I’ll post up more relevant, interesting articles soon as I have a little time to put together a cohesive article.

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